Planning Your Unit

Self Storage units are a great way to save money as they provide that extra space that you don’t have at home or in your business. How you stack your storage space at Maleny Self Storage with the goods that you plan to put into them will determine how much money you save – the better you stack your stuff the less space you need!

Importantly, how many times you access a Self Storage space at Maleny will determine just how tightly packed the space needs to be. If you plan to regularly access the Self Storage space allow space so that when you open the roller door that you can easily get to your goods. It might sound like common sense, but stack the items that you plan to access regularly to the front and this will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for faster.

Larger items that you don’t need ready access to should be stacked at the rear of your space. Use the floor space as much as you can make sure that the heaviest items are on the bottom of the stack.

Don’t stack gear on an item that is not level. Not only is it dangerous because it can fall on somebody but it actually way space. All storage units are usually square or rectangular, just the size varies. Stacking items untidily will waste space.

If your in business ask us about using our forklift. It will save your business valuable time loading and unloading.

Always stack boxes that are the same size together as they will maximise the use of every square metre of your storage space and put the heavy ones on the bottom. Be careful how high that you stack boxes as you have to consider that you have to get them down when you move out. Often you can put awkward items on top of the box stack that you can’t fit anywhere else and use the area close to the roof space. Items like clothes hoists, baby prams and odd shaped items fit here well.

Be careful of stacking items the can fall over easily like paintings make sure that they are wrapped with acid free paper that you can purchase from us. If you use newspaper there is a very good chance of the ink will bleach into your paintings or timber frame.

If you are really organised, consider making up a list or map of where you stored each box or item so they can be retrieved later. This can really help if you use a removalist as this can speed up the work in retrieving your goods from your Self Storage unit – after all they are paid by the hour.

Be smart in the way you stack up your Storage space and you will save money there is no need to pay for thin air! We want you to save money at Maleny Self Storage!