Moving Checklist

If leasing, arrange property inspection and book cleaners. Transfer and set up utilities at your new address. Arrange cartons and packing materials delivery (labels, bubble wrap, tape, markers, paper) with us at Maleny Self Storage. Use clean white butcher’s paper, not newspaper as it soils items. Label every carton clearly, on the tape, as to contents and its room destination. Prepare an inventory list of each carton. Mark clearly FRAGILE. Note all dents and scratches. Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in small cartons, heavier items on bottom. Dismantle furniture that comes apart – remember to tape screws in an obvious location or label and place in an ESSENTIALS carton with TV, Foxtel, sound system remote controls, bed legs, shelf supports, keys to furniture cabinets and manufacturers instructions for reassembly of items.

2 Weeks Before

  • Prepare a kit with kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast requirements, toys, school needs, pet requirements (especially leads), bathroom necessities, telephone, medications, snacks and toilet paper.
  • Contact all relevant authorities to notify of your new address.
  • Return all library books.
  • Arrange for family and friends to mind children & pets on moving day.
  • Arrange transfer of bank accounts, internet, telephone, gas, electricity connections.
  • Arrange move of boat or trailer.
  • Fill prescriptions needed the week before and after the move.
  • Drain the lawnmower.
  • Arrange final readings of gas and electricity meters, remove batteries.
  • Discontinue any delivery services, newspapers, automated payment plans and local memberships.
  • Collect dry cleaning.
  • Book a locksmith to change the keys on moving day at your new home.
  • Arrange time off work on moving day.
  • Ensure new home will be thoroughly cleaned, oven cleaned, carpet steam cleaned before your move and original home after your move.
  • Disassemble outdoor items, play equipment.
  • Assemble a “handyman” kit with hammer, allen keys, screwdriver, nails & wall hooks.

1 Week Before

  • Set aside bed linens, towels to be used on the first night.
  • Draw up your plan of each room in your new home with furniture placement for your removal guys.
  • Have indoor plants watered lightly and packed into plastic lined boxes.
  • Advise services, eg. babysitter, gardener, cleaner.
  • Back up computer and get printer and scanner ready for travel.
  • Re-confirm all moving details with Removalist, Real Estate Agent, Lawyer.
  • Confirm that your mover has contact numbers, address and instructions.
  • Prepare a friendly welcoming note for the new residents with any relevant information to help the settling in process and your contact details.
  • Arrange access and parking for the Removalist’s truck at the premises.

1 Day Before

  • Defrost and empty out your refrigerator. Use an Esky and ice to transport contents.
  • Clean the oven. Have vacuum on hand for last minute cleaning.
  • Pack personal luggage / items to take with you.
  • If using professional packers remember to leave out essential items for that evening and the following day.
  • Unplug and tie up appliance cords.
  • Keep some cash on hand for last minute expenses.
  • If your house will be empty for a while inform police and neighbours.
  • Prepare an action plan for moving day.

Moving Day

  • Provide Removalist with floor plans and new address parking information. Ask Removalist to load kitchen boxes last so they are first off the truck. Check for colour codes /labels on boxes.
  • Try to keep visitors to your new home to a minimum.
  • Have all pet needs at hand.
  • Ensure all meters read, car and house key collection organised.
  • Check off all items as they go into the moving truck.
  • Lock all doors and windows, turn off hot water system if required.
  • Check the tops of cupboards, garden area, sheds and garage.
  • Return all keys to the Real Estate Agent or new tenant.
  • Lock house, turn off power, tighten all taps, check gas and electrical.
  • Remove electric/remote garage opener from your car.
  • At your new home, try to stand at the Removalist’s entry point and give clear directions as to furniture placement. If leasing, document condition of property and furnishings with the appropriate agent.
  • Check all utilities are connected, hot water service on.
  • At completion of unloading, check everything. Raise any issues with removalist.
  • Assemble beds and make up as soon as possible.
  • Settle children and pets with familiar items for reassurance.
  • Notify moving company immediately if anything is missing.
  • Keep cats inside for a few days.
  • Check that you have all keys and relevant instructions to your new residence.
  • Contact your new local council for garbage collection information.
  • Relax! You made it!