First Home Buyers Tips

One of the best things that you can do is to buy your first home. Nothing feels better than putting the key into the door of a home that you now own, knowing that you can hang a picture on the wall anywhere you like, or paint in bright colours.

For many this is their first chance to settle down and call a place their own. So the question is what do you unpack first?

When your removalists arrive, make sure you provide a clear path for the truck and make it easy for our guys to unload your gear.

So if you followed our storage tips, you would have labelled all of those boxes on the top and on the side, making it easy to know which room to put them into. This is going to save you time, rewarding you for taking the extra effort when you put all of these boxes into your storage unit.
Larger items like wardrobes and beds were probably packed first as they are the largest items so they will probably come off the truck last so all of the smaller items will come off first so make sure that you don’t put them in entryways or in the middle of rooms, otherwise you may have to double handle or the movers may have to move them to get the larger items into a room.

Stack all of the kitchen boxes together so that you can unpack them in one go, saving you time. Unpack the important items first like glasses, plates and your knives and forks. You will soon find that is close to mealtime and you’ll be looking for your cutlery – even if you’re going for take away!
Also just before you do move into your first home, consider this – think about keeping storage space for some of the items that you may not regularly use – why clutter up a brand-new home and in some cases you may not even have the space for it. Use the rooms for what they were intended, bedrooms for sleeping and garages for cars. We have storage space for any item that belongs in a bedroom or a garage! At Maleny Self Storage we can help you with your removals and storage needs so that you don’t clutter up the new home!