Looking for Self Storage in Maleny or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland? You should consider Maleny Self Storage. Not only do we have a range of Self Storage unit sizes available, but we’re also conveniently located in Maleny, catering to customers from the Sunshine Coast, Montville and surrounding areas.

Self Storage is fast becoming a service that is perfect for businesses and families, and more and more people are seeing the benefits of investing in a Self storage unit.

For people in business, on-site storage at your workplace can be difficult, so a Self Storage unit can function as a personal warehouse. It might be for document boxes and record storage, or it might be the perfect solution for overflow or sales stock.

For tradespeople or a busy home handyman, Self Storage is the perfect solution to keeping expensive tools and machinery safe. Consider the items you don’t need access to every day, and lock them away – power tools, spare timber, work bench, mowers and ride-on mowers, even yard tools like spades, especially over winter when you can take some downtime from the gardening.

For the do-it-yourself mechanic or part-time motorsport fanatic, a Self Storage unit is as good as your own personal garage, with more space to keep wheels, motors and other car parts, as well as the tools needed to work with them.

If you’re at university or college, especially if you are living in student accommodation, a small Self Storage area could be the perfect solution for books and other materials you don’t need every day, that might be cluttering up your living space.

If the kids have left home, or you’re simply not ready to part with some of their possessions, then Self Storage can be the new home for any of their excess stuff: old bicycles, gym or sports equipment, even childhood furniture. Of course, if the ‘kids’ are returning to the roost, you can encourage them to rent a space to put everything they have accumulated while they have been away from home.

Moving house is often a reason for needing some extra space, whether you are renting for a while, or downsizing and not quite ready to ditch some of your possessions. It may also be an option for storing new possessions if you are waiting for a new home to be finished.

Furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment, TVs and other entertainment units, whitegoods, linen, even outdoor furniture and barbecues – almost anything that is superfluous to your current needs can be safely packed away in self storage, providing the appropriate care is taken to protect them from deterioration.

No matter what you want to store, plan ahead to ensure it’s as secure as it can be. Think of using pallets to keep things off the ground, make sure they are sealed, well wrapped or covered, use plenty of labels and keep a checklist on exactly where you packed things.

Maleny Self Storage can help you store your property safely and securely. We offer free trailer hire for move-in day, and we have storage spaces available to suit your needs.